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Right Tempo's Reissues

Music, Maestro!

Right Tempo was established by Rocco Pandiani in 1993. The aim was to release music composed and produced in Italy. The original message was simple and effective: to promote and produce uncompromised music of various genres, attitudes and influences. In 1995, Right Tempo was the first Italian label to gain international recognition for promoting a distinctive Italian blend of music known at the time as Acid Jazz. In that same year, Easy Tempo series delivers world wide a catalogue of original Italian soundtracks. In particular, Piero Umiliani’s soundtracks, who was Pandiani’s friend and mentor, achieved international success. The Right Tempo catalogue of Umiliani’s music has enriched through the years with new releases of sonorizations, jazz collections, remixes and anthologies. Thanks to the patient work of research and re-masterization, these albums today belong to the collective culture of Italian music and are appreciated and sought after all over the world.
From year 2009 most part of the Umiliani's catalog is available for digital download from the principal web retailers as iTunes, Amazon, Nokia Music Store. If you want, you can reach the Umiliani digital downloads directly from the following links.


Original Soundtracks (Easy Tempo label)

- Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso ET 901
- Angeli Bianchi, Angeli Neri ET 903
- La Ragazza dalla Pelle di Luna ET 909
- La Legge dei Gangsters ET 914
- Il Corpo ET 933
- Questo Sporco Mondo Meraviglioso ET 938

Albums (Easy Tempo label)

- To Day's Sound ET 906
- L'Uomo e la Città ET 919


- Ode to Duke Ellington ET 935
- Musica Elettronica vol. 1 ET 930
- Stars & Stripes RT 009
- Natasha & Rocco Wedding Party RT 011

Remixes and Special Projects

- Mah Nà Mah Nà - The Original 7" mix M ET 205
- Christhmas 1996/Mah Nà Mah Nà RT 001 NP
- Christmas 1997/Caravan RT003 NP
- Lady Magnolia Remixes MET 501/502
- Bob & Hellen (Coccoluto Remix) MET 601
- Discomania/Temposphere Vs. Rise 083
- Mah Nà Mah Nà Remix Project MET 201/204
- Crepuscolo sul Mare Kid Loco Remix TSPH 2000

Albums and Greatest Hits only available in digital mp3 format:

- Fischiando in Beat
- Musica Elettronica vol. 2
- Tra Scienza e Fantascienza
- Mah Nà Mah Nà: Vulcanology.it Remixes
- umiliani.com (coming soon)

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